What to Bring

  • Water

  • Swimwear or weather appropriate fitness clothing

  • Sunscreen

  • Towel or a change of clothes 

  • Water 

What Not to Bring

  • Purses or Pool bags or anything that you can't put on your board.  


  • pETS

  • We offer Dry Bag, Phone Case and SOFT Cooler rentals for $5 that can be added on to any board rental.

  • **We are not responsible for lost or stolen items left at the dock.**  


Why Can't I bring my dog?  

Although your dog may be well trained and highly lovable, we have not had good luck with dogs at our dock.  Loading a dog from a dock, down onto a paddle board is not the best way to introduce him to SUP.  If you would like to try getting your dog on board, please contact us for a referral.  

What about kids?

At 38 Paddle Co, we do not have child-size equipment available for rental.  Our boards are sized for adults and even our smallest option can be difficult for children to control.  It is easy for small children to quickly lose control of the board due to slight wind and current.   If you would like to bring your kiddos, here are a couple tips: 

-10 years old is about the youngest age for a solo rental.  This means that your 10 year old will have his own board and paddle, but may need some assistance on the water.  You will be required to rent a board as well to assist your child for children aged 10-13.  

-Children under 10 years old can paddle with an adult.  This means that your child will NOT have his own board, but can ride with you.  This way, you can get in the water and swim close by if your child would like to paddle on his own. 

-All children under the age of 7 are REQUIRED BY LAW to wear a Personal Floatation Device (PFD).  At 38 Paddle Co, we will not let a child under the age of 13 rent a board without a PFD.  Even strong swimmers.  PFDs are available for FREE at K Dock Marina and small children should wear a PFD the entire time they are on marina property.  

is there a place to swim while our friends/family are out on boards?

Short answer: No.  

Long answer:  Bull Shoals Lake is a flood control lake and does not offer "beach" areas for hanging out and wading in the water.  We are surrounded by high cliffs and rocky banks.  There is no swimming allowed within 50 feet of the Marina due to safety concerns, however, K Dock Marina offers a courtesy dock available for fishing, picnics and general hanging out.  The marina also provides Pontoon Boat Rentals.  Contact 417.334.2880 or www.kdockmarina.com for Boat Rental, fishing and courtesy dock information.