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Jennifer Govero 


Jenn is an Ozarks native with a passion for SUP. Jenn started out kayaking and enjoying camping/float trips. One day, while perusing Pinterest for kayak gear (she's a bit of a gear head) she saw an image of stand up paddlers and instantly fell in love. After a few demos, she purchased her own board and has been acquiring gear and paddling lakes in SW Missouri and the mountains of Colorado -as well as the warm waters of Florida's gulf coast- ever since. In the winter of 2015, Jenn knew that if she wanted to share her love of SUP and her dream to paddle nearly every day, she would need to create a place that would be easily accessible, safe and beautiful. She found that place on Bull Shoals Lake, minutes away from her childhood houseboat and just across the lake from where she got engaged; under the Point 38 sign.  In 2016, Jenn received her coaching certification in PaddleFit, a SUP and outdoor fitness training system.  This year, she became a Juvo Board Trainer to keep her and her clients in shape on and off of the water.  Juvo Board uses Form, Balance and Elevation to modify or enhance customized Pilates, yoga or SUP workouts.  Through PaddleFit, Juvo Board and individual coaching, Jenn can provide you with a program that helps you achieve your SUP and fitness goals and guide you on a path to a healthy lifestyle.  

Jacob Govero


Jacob is an avid outdoorsman who loves to spend his time on the water. Whether camping, canoeing, kayaking or SUP, he is happy outside with a fishing pole in hand. At first, Jacob wasn't a huge fan of SUP and preferred sitting in a canoe over standing on a surf board. But, after Jenn was able to get him onto the right board for his experience level and size, he found it to be much more enjoyable. Jacob now prefers the more rigorous side of SUP, racing, training and developing his technical skills. Most days, he can be found out in the middle of the lake doing handstands and practicing pivot turns. He also enjoys leading fishing excursions and guided tours of the lake he has grown to love.  Last summer, Jacob entered the Tito's Beach Bash in Gunnison, CO and (with a little technical coaching from Jenn) won the 5k SUP race.  This season, he's focusing on his new project, the Ozarks Paddle League, and starting the Never Say Die Racing Series. He hopes to share his passion for racing with other SUP and kayak enthusiasts in the area, and to bring in some more seasoned racers to join the fun on Bull Shoals Lake.